Fern Hill in Tacoma, WA

Take a break from the strip malls and shopping centers to experience the variety, hospitality, and personal service of Fern Hill’s historic neighborhood business district.

The center of the Fern Hill District is located at South 84th and Park Street, which is also the site of one of Tacoma’s first trolley lines. This district brings old world charm to the surrounding neighborhood with classic brick buildings and down home friendliness. A historic walking tour has been created for the area with copies available at Linda’s Used Books or through the Historic Preservation Office. Stroll our easily walkable blocks and enjoy a variety of products and services that range from our highly-acclaimed restaurant to rare used books and the latest in salon and massage offerings. You can even visit the library in Fern Hill!

The Fern Hill neighborhood is one of the oldest in Tacoma and home to some of the city’s most interesting historic buildings. The historic building at 8310 S. Park Ave. was originally built to serve as a Wells Fargo stop. Two of the district’s churches, the Fern Hill Baptist Church and the Fern Hill Methodist Episcopal Church were built in the 1890s. The Fern Hill School, which dates back to 1888, recently underwent an $11 million renovation that restored its Georgian revival-style architecture to its original glory and the school once again stands as the focal point of this historic community. The Historic Fern Hill District Walking Tour highlights 16 historic landmarks and structures in the neighborhood.

Come visit our businesses and learn more about our unique talents and offerings. Our new red sidewalks and flowering trees invite you to linger and rediscover what shopping used to be.



Fern Hill district meetings are held quarterly, on the last Wednesday of January, April, July, and October, from 9-10 am at Harper Law Offices, 8310 S. Park Ave. in Fern Hill.

PRESIDENT – Joseph Harper
(253) 212- 2450

VICE PRESIDENT – Shawn Tibbitts
(253) 327-1334

SECRETARY – Sherri Williams
(253) 905-3789

TREASURER – Marlene Evans
(253) 475-0292


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