Best Tacoma-based Coffee Shops

As our gift to you on this National Coffee Day,
we’re sharing our favorite locally-grown coffee shops in Tacoma.
Now, whenever you’re out and about
and you feel the hankering for a fresh espresso pick-me-up,
you’ll know where to go.
You’re welcome.

6th Avenue Espresso, because the owner of ten years is a heartfelt Tacoma die-hard committed to only the best business and coffee brews, even at the ungodly time of 4:30 am.
7008 6th Avenue 4:30am – 11am / Weekends, open at 6:30am

Antique Sandwich Co., because coffee is required when heading into the adventures of Point Defiance and Ruston Way. They also have play space for little ones.
5102 N Pearl Street
7am – 7:30pm / Sundays, open at 8am

Anthem Coffee & Tea, for making coffee shops even better by offering beer and wine in a hip music venue with a view.
1911 Pacific Avenue
7am – 6pm / Saturday and Sunday, 8am – 5pm

Bella Latte, in the name of latte art and feel good vibes.
6450 Tacoma Mall Blvd
7am – 6pm / Saturdays, open at 7:30 / Closed on Sundays

Bluebeard Coffee Roasters, for all the lovely aromas they give us, churned and roasted in-house and in-view.
2201 6th Avenue
6am – 7pm / Weekends, open at 7am

Café Brosseau, for a commitment to customer service, delicious hot sandwiches and a child-friendly play corner!
2716 N 21st Street
6:30am – 7pm / Friday and Saturday, open until 9

Little Jerry’s Annex, because of a charming, old store front and so much more to love … and eat.
8233 S Park Avenue
7am-3pm / Sundays, open at 8am

Lift Bridge Coffee, because who knew how much we would love a good coffee shop in the post office. Hidden treasure award!
1102 A Street
7am – 2pm / Closed on weekends

Metronome Coffee, for its trendy location and a seasonal rotation of house made recipes.
3518 6th Avenue
7am – 10pm / Friday, 7am – 11pm / Saturday, 8am – 11pm / Sunday, 8am – 10pm

Northslope coffee, for an uber-convenient setup outside of Stadium Thriftway and friendly staff who will cheer you into errand execution and productivity.
618 N 1st Street
6am – 7pm / Sundays, 7am – 7pm

The Spar Espresso Café, to enjoy your morning mug in Tacoma’s oldest saloon before adventuring out in Old Town and Ruston Way.
2121 N 30th Street
Monday – Friday open at 9 am, Saturday and Sunday open at 11 am / Thursday – Saturday close at 2 am, Sunday – Wednesday close at 12 am

Valhalla Coffee, because they not only sell by the cup but also distribute their esteemed beans to small businesses across town.
3918 6th Avenue
7am – 7pm