ROAM: Tacoma Scavenger Hunt- Explore Tacoma’s Hidden Historical Treasures


Looking for a new way to explore Tacoma? Or want to take the kids on a family adventure? Download the ROAM app and discover the unknowns about Tacoma’s City of Destiny. ROAM challenges its participants to experience and explore new cities across the country in a fun and innovative way. Download the app, pick your team and challenge, and you’ll be on your way to mastering the hunt. There are hunts for everyone ranging from family-style, 21-run, team-building for your businesses’ next challenge, to the most perfect date night. 

Our interns had a bit of fun with ROAM a couple weeks ago and learned about Tacoma’s historical buildings while participating in photo and question challenges at each location. We lost points If we used the maps app or if we got a challenge wrong. It was an incredible way to experience Tacoma and its history while having a fun and enjoyable time collaborating and working together to unlock certain challenges. With some of the challenges, we showed off our best dance moves, attempted to ride Lime scooters, got lost, and pretended to be professional photographers. 

This way of seeing Tacoma made us really appreciate the city of destiny and its history. Whether it was admiring a building, learning about Tacoma’s performing art’s centers, or trying to find the 2nd largest totem pole in the world, we left the hunt feeling connected with Tacoma and its past. We realized the potential, love, community, and energy the city of Tacoma embodies and gives to its surrounding people and community. 

We would highly recommend the ROAM Scavenger Hunt if you’re wanting a fun challenge, a way to celebrate a birthday or date night, or even hold a competition among your co-workers. We had an incredible time and it was incredible to connect with Tacoma’s past and how the community and its people have changed and grown over the years. 

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Photo Credit: M Agency