RE Tacoma: The store your business never knew it absolutely needed!


RE Tacoma is more than a store of reused and repurposed goods. It’s a hub for environmentally and socially conscious entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to reinvest in the future of their community.

RE Tacoma was founded by Ashley Sloan and Arianna Thronton-West of Paradoxum Consulting in April of 2021 somewhat by accident. 

Arianna says, “Ashley and I would always have great ideas and conversations with our clients around how businesses can be more sustainable by reusing supplies instead of buying new, but there was never any sort of hub or system for this.”

When Ashley and Arianna attended a Sustainability Summit in October 2020 they found other business owners in their community also saw a need for viable reusable resources. 

Ashley says, “We know how expensive it is to start a business. It’s confusing, time-consuming and hard. We want to make it easier to build a work space or home office you’ll love with supplies that are environmentally friendly and local. Our goal is to make RE Tacoma accessible to small business owners and build a solid community of folks who are committed to doing better for Tacoma, for our planet and for the people we have living here.

The root of RE is to empower the entrepreneurs in Tacoma through access to education and resources including virtual workshops on topics from sustainable design practices to learning how to incorporate nature and plants into spaces. 


So, how does RE Tacoma work?

First, Ariana and Ashley recommend that you simply start by coming to the store to experience what RE Tacoma is all about. Here’s what that looks like:

  1. Come to the RE Tacoma store
  2. Browse a diverse inventory of everything from printers to candles to plants
  3. Choose to do a $10 day pass and grab what you need or…
  4. Sign up for a low cost monthly membership and have unlimited access to all goods plus monthly workshops

Have supplies you no longer need? You can to donate them to RE Tacoma or schedule a pick up here >>> Schedule Donation Pick Up


Stay up to date with RE Tacoma on IG or FB for info on workshops, new inventory and important updates!