We The People… Of Tacoma Can Share Ideas with Charter Review Committee

Charter Review Committee

Similar to the constitution, our city has a charter of rules, guidelines, and regulations that keep Tacoma working. Every once in awhile, amendments to the charter need to be made to keep the city functioning at its best. If you have ideas or recommendations for the city of Tacoma, you may want to check out the next Charter Review Committee Meeting and speak up for the changes you want to see.


At least once every ten years, a charter review committee is created to read through the charter and amend any necessary changes. Tacoma’s last amendment was made in 2004. Our current charter review committee was created on November 12, 2013 and is operating until May 6, 2014.


Though the committee was established in November, they did not select the committee members until January. The 15-member committee is made up of citizens of Tacoma that were chosen by the Mayor and city government. As citizens of Tacoma, the committee members are well versed in the community and able to help make informed decisions about any necessary changes to the charter.


The Charter Review Committee held a meeting Monday, February 10th for the public to share their comments and concerns about the city. Over the next few months the committee will be taking all ideas from the community into consideration as they look for any needed changes to the charter.


The Charter Review Committee meets every Monday and Wednesday at 7 pm at the Tacoma Municipal Building, 733 Market Street, in room 16. The input of the rest of community is greatly encouraged by the committee members, as we all want to make positive changes to our city. If you have ideas to share, please, join in!

Photo Credit: Chuck Coker via Flickr CC