Movoto Article Reveals Tacoma’s Treasures

medium_8286322366Recently, Movoto, an online real estate company, posted an article titled, “10 Things Only People from Tacoma Understand.” It gave a great explanation of our local atmosphere, settings for some favorite Tacoma events, and a look at our beautiful scenery. The article also let the rest of the world in on a secret most Tacoma locals already knew; there are some things you can only understand if you have called Tacoma home.

The article playfully touched on the Tacoma aroma, and our lack of sun, but took time to highlight some of the best that our city has to offer. They described places for Tacoma events, Cheney Stadium and Point Defiance Park, hangouts like the Beach Tavern, and fun facts such as the filming of “Ten Things I Hate About You” at Stadium High School.

“10 Things Only People from Tacoma Understand” is a fun and quick read for anyone from Tacoma, or thinking about visiting.  For many, it will be a nostalgic look at some of your Tacoma favorites, and for others, it will hopefully become a to do list of things in Tacoma you want to experience.

We love the local pride that the article invokes, and hope that Tacoma residents read it and agree. For more on Tacoma events and local happenings, visit our website.


photo credit: Rux Hall via photopin cc