Communication In Tacoma Just Got Easier



Have you tried to reach out to Tacoma businesses in the past, and been frustrated by incorrect phone numbers, websites, and addresses? Or wanted a more efficient way to have your local questions answered? The city of Tacoma has found a solution to these problems.

In October the city created a hotline with the number 311, now the only number you need to communicate with any company in the area. The phone number is backed by the Tacoma First Customer Support Center team, and a website from the City of Tacoma.

The number has been a great resource for safety in the area in addition to helping reach businesses. Since the number, website, and customer support center have launched, they have helped with various service and maintenance issues for the city, like broken stoplights, large potholes in the road, and other important concerns. It’s great having a number to call when an issue is pressing, but not quite an emergency.

For more information about the 311 Tacoma First Customer Support Center, visit their office on the second floor of 747 Market Street. You may also start using their services by checking out the Tacoma Q&A portion of their website, or simply calling 311.



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Tacoma First.

photo credit: alanclarkdesign via photopin cc