Join the Discussion: Neighborhood Business Districts

medium_6861256042As of today there are 15 different neighborhood business districts (NBD’s) within the city of Tacoma, which has grown since 1991, when there were only 6 of these districts. The city established the NBD as an investment, to recognize the potential needs of future economic development. As of 2008, the City of Tacoma has formalized its relationship with the NBD Program along with the Cross District Association (CDA). To help these business districts grow to their fullest potential, they are now looking for contributions and ideas from our Tacoma community.

The Cross District Association is a coalition of representatives from the business districts. Our coalition allows city staff to gather and share information that is relevant to the different business districts. The primary goal of this program is to maintain healthy Neighborhood Business Districts to help improve economic growth and redevelopment.

The City is asking Tacoma residents to provide input and contribution to this discussion. Help improve the relationship and communication between the City and the business district stakeholders by participating in focus groups. Tacoma residents who contribute will be encouraged to participate in an open, honest dialogue with a hired facilitator. Any input from the members of our community will be greatly appreciated, as these districts are designed to help everyone in our neighborhoods!

Learn more about joining the community conversation here:

photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc