Experience Tacoma Seminar 2: Infusing Growth #TacomaStrong



Experience Tacoma is a non-profit dedicated to bringing together all of Tacoma’s business districts under one umbrella to work toward common goals. The event works to promote, organize, and advocate for Tacoma businesses, allowing the local economy to develop through the businesses uniting and sponsoring networking events that help us learn about the local area and get to know our neighbors.

There is a boom and bust cycle that seems to plague our city, and we know the Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor are working hard to attract large businesses to the ever growing empty buildings downtown. At Marketing Puget Sound we’re part of a grassroots organization that is dedicated to unifying small businesses across Tacoma to try and tackle some of these problems. By connecting local businesses, we can have a meaningful impact on the community where we live, work, and raise our children.

As a local business owner, we know these issues are important to you and they are what Experience Tacoma aims to address. If you would like to attend, please register below for our next seminar #TacomaStrong-Infusing Growth. All ticket sales will go towards continuing to help the Tacoma Business Districts.

The meeting is on June 30th at 8am – Noon at the Mountaineers Building on 30th Street in Old Town. There will be several compelling speakers from our city, refreshments, a raffle, and most importantly, an opportunity for you to network with leaders in our community who can help your business grow.
We hope you will assist us in our efforts to help Tacoma thrive and our businesses to flourish, and look forward to seeing you there!