Tacoma Farmer’s Markets | Fresh Flowers, Produce, & Fun

2878315446_aaf2d33c16Summers in Tacoma are amazing, and the first events that mark the beginning of summer are farmer’s markets. Fresh flowers, produce, and sweet treats are a great way to spend a morning or afternoon. Tacoma has countless farmer’s markets, all on a different day of the week, so you have endless opportunities to visit each one and see what makes it unique.


There are currently six markets to choose from in Tacoma: South Tacoma, 6th Avenue, Eastside, Broadway, Proctor, and Multicare Rose Garden. Each one is located in a different area of the city, which provide you the opportunity to explore new areas and meet new people. But how do you decide which one to visit first?

6th Avenue

When: Tuesdays from 3pm-7pm
Where: Corner of 6th and Pine
Why: This is a small neighborhood market that’s tucked into the 6th Avenue art district. It’s a great way to get out during the workweek. Grab some snacks, enjoy the friendly atmosphere, and have dinner al fresco for a change of pace.


When: Wednesdays from 3pm-7pm
Where: 44th and Portland
Why: This farmers market is perfect for a midweek pick-me-up. Change up your schedule and head out to pick up ingredients for a fun BBQ, or grab some food there to eat outside. Don’t forget some beautiful fresh flowers before you leave to brighten up your home!


When: Thursdays 10am-3pm
Where: Between 9th and 11th in Downtown Tacoma
Why: The Broadway market is Tacoma’s original and longest-standing farmer’s market. It currently is the largest, with vendors from all over the area selling the freshest products available. You’ll find beautiful flowers, perfectly ripe produce, artisan specialty foods, and some live entertainment, as well.

Multicare Rose Garden

When: Fridays from 11am-2pm
Where: Rose Garden at Tacoma General
Why: This Friday market is a great way to start the weekend. Tucked away in the Tacoma General Campus Rose Garden, you have the opportunity to shop for the freshest fruits and vegetables all while enjoying the beautiful flowers surrounding you. It’s a great place to stop by on a lunch break.


When: Saturdays from 9am-2pm
Where: Proctor and 27th
Why: This small farmer’s market lies right in the heart of the Proctor District. It evokes charm and a relaxed atmosphere — great for a Saturday morning stroll. Check out the baked good and food trucks for some specialty treats that will make for a sweet start to the day.

South Tacoma Market

When: Sundays from 11pm-3pm
Where: Corner of 6th and Pine
Why: This Sunday market is a great place to round out the weekend. Stop by the local family gathering place and pick up some fresh, healthy food for the week. While you’re doing some shopping, the kids can enjoy the playground and spray park, especially on a hot day. Make it a new family tradition.


The Tacoma farmer’s markets are an essential part of summer. They offer you the opportunity to try the freshest produce grown right here in your own back yard, and have fun at the same time. Pick the closest one to you, or try them all! You won’t be disappointed.


Source: http://tacomafarmersmarket.com/

Photo Credit:Heirloom Tomatoes via photopin (license)