An afternoon with crafty kids

Boeshaar gallery introduces next generation business moguls

Between five children and two proud parents, the Boeshaar residence is full of love, energy and art. It’s nothing short of a miracle that amidst a lively living room full of open backpacks, mountains of Legos, Christmas decorations and fixings for a family trip to Disneyland, 15-year-old Marissa still masters a new piece of art. It’s the way she prefers it, here in her element.

“I focus best within loud spaces and big, busy groups … like my house,” Marissa says. “I’ve grown up with the chaos and the noise so it’s how I work best.” Somewhere in the background musician Meghan Trainor sings about female empowerment, or Michael Buble and Bing Crosby add a little Christmas spirit to the creation of holiday orders.

Her younger brother Dylan fans open a large portfolio and flips between Marissa’s finished pieces. Her siblings are some of her biggest fans and inspirations. Most of her pages come to life with whimsical characters resembling those of favorite fairy tales – princesses, fairies and mermaids against rainbow burst backdrops. Other pieces reflect Seahawk logos or luxurious landscapes, whatever she and her homemade team of creatives can dream up.

2015 was a year of growth, learning and so fun. I can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring!! #hello2016 #rockineve

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Marissa is a young entrepreneur of sorts, taking her skill to the streets and dabbling in the craft fair business since the age of 7 when she shadowed jewelry maker Shannon Stewart by selling Shrinky-dinks pieces at her first fair. That introductory phase was followed by card making and then blue and green tutus the year the Seahawks made it to the Super bowl. She’s welcomed the inventive influence of family friends and local creatives like Angie Capps at Art Studio 27 or chalk artist Renae Cooper of Colour and Dust who would rally the girls for elaborate birthday party planning as they were growing up.

One special winter at a family cabin, Marissa stumbled upon an old watercolor set in a back bedroom. Teresa Avila of Sanity Skin Products, later invited her to partake in another fair where she would then sell her first watercolor piece and settle into her niche. It wasn’t long before her brush strokes earned her an artist’s name with the kids at school and even well-known businesses like Blooming Kids, where her work is showcased, and Paper Luxe Studio, where a young artist fair is planned for spring of 2017. Marissa’s dedication and local fame inspired her younger siblings, who each turned to a forte of their own. Claire, 14, creates string art out of dot-to-dot nail designs on rustic wood backdrops. Lydia, 12, bakes organic bath bombs resembling scrumptious cupcakes. Dylan, 10, designs lost boy themed swords out of plywood. Seth, the youngest at 7, turns small plastic toys into toothbrush holders.

The days are often a race between school, homework, church, extra-curricular activities and youth groups like Wildlife Club. Still, these young over-achievers are committed to their crafts. Marissa has focused her Instagram account on her artistic journey, named Brush and Sea after her trusty utensil and the South Sound waters that blend the colors on her canvas. It’s a magical gallery that’s helping inspire those around her while shaping what her future might look like. When she grows up she wants to draw for Disney, or maybe become a pilot. The sky is indeed the limit for this artist at heart and business guru in the making.

See masterpieces created by Marissa, Claire and Lydia as featured in the Experience Tacoma Holiday Gift Basket and be sure to enter to win by 12/23/16. To browse these full portfolios and make special orders, click the links below.

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