Point Defiance Park: Tacoma Events With Nature in Our Back Yard

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Tacoma’s 702 acre Point Defiance Park may seem large, but it isn’t even close to the largest in city park in the United States. According to infoplease.com, Anchorage’s Chugach State Park is the largest with 495,996 acres and yes every last acre resides within city limits. Not to despair, what our beloved Point Defiance lacks in size, it definitely makes up for in beauty. Experience Tacoma would like to take a step back from giving you local Tacoma Events and reflect on what a spectacular natural wonder we have in our back yard.

As stated by The News Tribune, Point Defiance was originally discovered by the Wilkes military expedition in the 1840’s and began its life as a military fortress to “bid defiance to any attack.” The U.S. federal government set the land aside as a military reservation. 20 years after President Andrew Johnson set the land aside, Point Defiance lay inactive as a military reservation. Allen Mason believed that the land could be put to good use as a park to attract visitors to our city. After the success of urban parks such as Central Park, a movement began to transform the military reservation into a park for generations to enjoy. After years of petitioning by Allen Mason, in 1888, Point Defiance became the park that inspires awe across the region.

Today, Point Defiance features miles of trails, beautiful beaches including Owen Beach, gardens, a renowned zoo, and so much more. The trails feature abundant wildlife that can be seen and heard in a wondrous cacophony. With views of the Puget Sound, you can wave to our neighbors in Vashon Island from the many beautiful viewpoints throughout the park. If walking isn’t your thing, a relaxing drive through 5 Mile Drive is a good option to view the sights. As a place of many Tacoma Events, our world class Zoo and Aquarium is where you can see the tiger and snow leopard cubs amongst many exciting exhibits!

The Northwest has one of the most beautiful natural settings in the country. Luckily we don’t have to travel far to see what the Northwest has to offer! View our Tacoma events to see what’s going on at Point Defiance and the rest of Tacoma as well. There is much to do in our city and Experience Tacoma will show you what makes our city one of a kind!

Photo Credit: Lee via Flickr