Stadium High Fun Facts

Tacoma’s world-famous school on the hill

From an outside perspective, some might call her a castle of sorts. One thing is for certain – Stadium High School has earned international fame for her beauty and back story. In honor of the grand presence this building brings to Tacoma, and in light of an exciting new school year, we are sharing 8 fun facts about Stadium!

Photo by Kayla Schroader

– This learning zone was originally built with the intention of becoming a hotel in the late 1800’s but funding did not support completion of the project.

– The property was originally known as Blackwell Point.

– Half way through construction the building was burnt to a frame before being repurposed for education in the early 1900’s.

– If you recall the 90’s you are likely well aware of this setting which was used in the popular movie “10 Things I Hate About You”.  We’ll always remember the late Heath Ledger joined by the school pep band in the Stadium bowl to serenade the heart of Julia Stiles.

– The “Stadium Bowl” originally seated 32,000 and was visited by keynote speakers such as Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, William Jennings Bryan, and Billy Sunday.

Photo by Kayla Schroader

– In the fall of 2006, Stadium’s centennial celebration set the Guinness World Record for the largest school reunion. The event hosted a total of 3,299 alumni.

– This high school features a “secret tunnel in the underground.”

– At the end of the year an exclusive group of graduating students is invited to the school’s otherwise off-limits attic to browse a history of signatures from alumni as far back as 1921!

These points were verified between Wikipedia and SHS Facebook group admin, Byung, class of 2015.

Photo by Kayla Schroader