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A Gallery of Local Artisans


Tacoma is for lovers.

It’s a sentiment to our community and a seasonal market of local makers and artisans. Last weekend they filed in between the colorful bookshelves of Kings Books and Destiny City Comics, staging display tables of eclectic jewelry and accessories, natural soaps, hand drawn stationary and print, and so much more. Inquisitive shoppers and art lovers of all mediums toured the small business exhibit in support of the homemade collections. Check out Tacoma is for Lovers’ on Facebook and follow our event calendar to find out about other upcoming craft fairs like this one.

In light of December gift hunts and in honor of small business owners in our city, we bring you that “Tacoma is for Lovers” line-up of talent. Keep your holiday shopping local this season with the gift that keeps on giving. Browse our online gallery from the event and click below to contact these creatives with your holiday orders and any gift giving in 2017. #shoplocal

For the love of Tacoma…

Art by Joseph Brooks

** Joseph Brooks items can also be found at The Nearsighted Narwhal

Art and Print by Katie Dean

Apothecary by Kendra Varadi

Dead Feminists by Chandler O’Leary & Jessica Spring

Dory Poofs by Isadora Fleminger-Rier

Earth Nerd by Dawn Curran

EKWETZEL Quirky Folk Art by Erin Wetzel

Ember Carroll of Meriwether

Fashion design by Chelsia Berry

Fine Art & Illustration by Erika Rier

Fine Art, by Karen Utter
(253) 701-0352

Handmade Jewelry & Accessories by Marla German

Illustration & Lettering by Chandler O’Leary

Illustrations and clay art by Lucy Nilan

Illustrations by Nori Kimura

Jewelry and wall hangings by Heather Rowland

Jewelry by Sanford and Daughter

Jody’s Honey by Jody Lynn Pilarski

Jumping Juniper whimsical upcycled creations by Amberly Dewes

KD Bird

L’Arche Tahoma Hope Community

Liberte Du Monde Gourmet Culinary Salt & Seasonings by Christy

Little Green Cards by Katie

Luminous Jewelry, by Christina Spadafore

Notta Pixie Press by Jenny Craig

Pepper Pot Polish by Mackenzie Putscher

Petrichor Northwest, Jewelry

Prints by TimplusApril

** Tim plus April is available at many small, local retailers, including Evolve and Ice Cream Social.

Sanford & Daughter Jewelry

Splendor and Stone by Gretchen McAllister

The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee / Fancy Things and writing by Laurie Cinotto /

** TIBKC features photos of REAL CATS who are or have been fostered by the Tacoma Humane Society.
Proceeds go towards this charitable cause.

Tiny Thunder

Urban Squirrel by Summer & Daniel Briggs
747 Broadway, Tacoma