New Restaurant In the Proctor District

Those who were sad to see AmeRAWcan Bistro close its doors in May can now end the search for delicious and healthy vegan cuisine. Viva Tacoma, a new vegan restaurant has opened its doors in the Proctor District and with a familiar face no less. Francisco “Paco” Hernandez was the chef at AmeRAWcan Bistro and now holds that position at Viva Tacoma. He graduated from the Western Culinary Institutes and has a focus in vegan cooking. Hernandez brings a few AmeRAWcan Bistro favorites to Viva, such as the raw enchiladas, but created some great new dishes as well. Unlike AmeRAWcan Bistro, half of the menu at Viva is cooked and half is raw.

Viva A vegan diet includes only plant-based food, therefore no meat, eggs, dairy or animal-based foods of any kind. It can be one of the most healthful ways to eat and comes with many health benefits. Choosing to eat only vegetables, fruits, grains, and beans allows the body to get plenty of vitamins, minerals, fiber and healthy oils, while limiting calories, salt, sugar and harmful fats. Soy and grains can provide all the protein you need, so there is nothing really missing from your diet.

Although the vegan lifestyle may not be for all, Viva has so much delicious food that can cater to everyone’s tastes. Make sure to try the mac n’ cheese, Asian salad, Viva burger or the Portobello and tofu tacos! The food is so flavorful; you may not even be able to tell that everything is vegan.

The restaurant adds more options to Tacoma’s small vegan and vegetarian dining community. Viva is located just off Proctor in the same building as Starbucks and in the space that used to be Caspers Café. Make sure to drop by for breakfast, lunch or dinner during the week or maybe brunch on Sunday! Even if you don’t follow a vegan diet, you won’t be disappointed in what you find at Viva, where they focus on preparing you a gourmet feast for your eyes, palette and soul.