A Little Hidden Gem in the Ruston District

ASC1           On the corner of 51st and Pearl, just a block from Point Defiance Park sits a quaint little eatery that has been a part of Tacoma for more than 40 years. The Antique Sandwich Co. is one of those neighborhood treasures that you may have driven by a million times, but never had the thought of stepping into. Well this is that little push you may need to stop by because the food is amazing! The décor is eclectic with tons of seating space. It’s the perfect meeting place for business lunches or to just catch up with a friend.

The Antique Sandwich Co. per its name does offer many delicious sandwich options, but also sweet and savory breakfast choices, quiche, enchiladas, salads and soups. The best-kept secret though is their many baked goods, which are all made with organic whole-wheat flour and local honey. If you do get a chance to drop by make sure to try the peach blueberry pie and once you fall in love, sign up for the community supported pie program. Choose from a 3, 6, or 12-month program and in return for supporting the Antique Sandwich Co. you get a made-from-scratch pie once a month. What could be sweeter than that?ASC2

I decided to stop by this morning after a run through Point Defiance for a quick breakfast and tried the homemade granola with milk and a banana. The granola was crunchy and sweet, but with just a little hint of cinnamon spice. It was a great way to refuel. While finishing up my granola, I decided to ask a couple near by what brought them into the Antique Sandwich Co. John and Amanda let me know that they usually stop by every couple of weeks for a lunch date since they moved to Tacoma a few years ago. They ran across it as they were walking around the neighborhood. I asked what they loved most about this kind of place being in Tacoma and I think Amanda said it best. “It’s the feeling of community that brings you back. Everyone is always so polite and kind, that it makes you feel a part of the family.”

Next time you find yourself in the Ruston district, stop by for lunch or just a coffee and pastry at the Antique Coffee Co. You won’t regret the good food, welcoming staff and down to earth atmosphere!