Just 2 Guys Getting Creative in Tacoma: Creative Spotlight with Will Good

M Agency / Experience Tacoma Interns hanging out with Will from J2G Creative

Starting off creating fun skateboarding content with his buddies in high school, ultimately transformed into a career path for local creative, Will Good. We had the opportunity to meet up with Will from Just 2 Guys Creative, a creative agency created by two friends who met at Tacoma’s School of the Arts (SOTA) and share a passion for filmmaking and photography. You probably have seen incredible photos of Tacoma’s downtown, the waterfront, or Tacoma’s hidden natural green spaces, and most likely those were J2G’s masterpieces. Will and his friend Gabriel brought their passion for art, storytelling, and promoting local businesses to create their own visionary platform that inspires local creatives throughout the city of Tacoma. Eight years ago, they started off with their first local client, Farrelli’s Pizza, and now the creative agency is crafting meaningful content that gives back to the Tacoma community. J2G aims to create content for local businesses that do good for Tacoma and its people. They focus on supporting local businesses that emphasize the importance of sustainability, education, and non-profit solutions and organizations. They created content for the Student Explore Program at SOTA, and Will says that he strives to create mindful content that intentionally gives back to the community.

As a free-lancer and self-employed creative, many entrepreneurs, like Will, might struggle to find their creative community. Some might argue that Los Angeles is the only place to succeed with video content and photography, but Will, a true Pacific Northwest local, has found his niche and is not ready or looking to say goodbye to the Tacoma community.

“Washington has it all, I don’t really want to be anywhere else. It has the progressive ideas, attitudes, and the creativity is present with so much energy coming into it.”

He speaks highly of the creative community in Tacoma and is eager to continue his passion through design storytelling and creative crafting.

Please check out J2G Creative for any inspiration or content your personal business might need to stand out. Will captures the mood, culture, and energy of Tacoma through his artistic approaches in his photography work. If you are an aspiring photographer, videographer, or want some new techniques with your new camera, he has created the Dope Shot Club. The Dope Shot Club includes anyone who wants to join and consists of several different photography workshops throughout the Tacoma community.

In closing, Will said, “Creativity is becoming a huge part of society and freelancers need to understand their own worth as well as their own niche.” Will is one step further to creating more of a welcoming community for other creatives by supporting local and embodying what the Pacific Northwest people, places, and communities offer. Our time with Will and his love for Tacoma and his fellow creatives, led us to want to learn more about what Experience Tacoma can do to create a community for these passionate entrepreneurs.

Tacoma Events Highlighting Tacoma’s Creatives

If you are interested in an Experience Tacoma creative workshop and networking event, please reach out to us for more details about how we can build the Tacoma creative community and help local creators like Will and J2G Creative.