Ethnic Fest 2016

A Celebration of Cultural Diversity in Tacoma

Every summer Wright Park fills with food trucks and merchant tents, stages and signage, all proudly posted in light of Ethnic Fest – a celebration of cultural diversity in Tacoma. There’s a buzz about the park those two days, as children swarm the large playground and adjoining spray park and picnic benches fill with new friends. Folks from all backgrounds and walks of life join together to enjoy a plethora of international dishes, attire and trinkets placed alongside many Tacoma-based amenities.

The main stage is a grand attraction, where all-day-long voices and instruments ring out with collections from around the world. The park seems to come to life, booming and beating, as the heart of Tacoma. On the grassy stage front stretch, young and old alike form a group of enthusiastic fans who dance the sun down together, celebrating as one big, beautiful, colorful community.

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(Photos and content by Kayla Schroader)