Don’s Ruston Market & Deli | One of Tacoma’s Best Desserts – Brown Cow

Wait a second! Did I just say “Brown Cow”?

Don's Ruston Market and Deli | Brown Cow Dessert
Brown Cow Dessert | Don’s Ruston Market & Deli, Tacoma WA


Yes, I did! With that sunshine starting to peak its head out around those clouds, we know that spring is on its way. That means the warm weather and ice cream beverages are going to become a daily occurrence. Lets not forget about getting a nice, inexpensive, treat after the long days spent at the Point Defiance Zoo.

The best place to get these chilled treats, is no better than a place two blocks from the zoo and right off of the water front that has soda counters that are still outfitted with 20th century soda dispensers, serve egg creams and brown cows, and 1940s-era fountain desserts not seen on restaurant menus for decades.

Don’s Ruston Market and Deli has a delicious chilled treat called the Brown Cow. This is a root beer and chocolate ice cream combination made popular in the mid-20th century. It is most loved by those people who need to get their chocolate fix in, but do not want to give up the wonder of the root beer float. However, this is not the only wonderful treat that is offered at this little store. There is also a cherry coke and vanilla ice cream combination that still takes the win for most ordered concoctions.

Floats are not the only ice cream treat offered at this Market and Deli. There are also more than a dozen milkshakes that can be order to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you do not want a drink with ice cream inside, there is a chiller full of old-fashioned bottled soda pop (included Green River), along with the famous soda fountain.

Not a big sweets fan? That is ok. You can also find rows of snacks and groceries to satisfy whatever you taste buds are craving.

Therefore, before you decide to ignore that sweet tooth or go to one of the big name brand stores to get some ice cream, stop by this little market and deli to all of your cravings needs. It is a perfect pick-me-up after a long walk along the waterfront or day at the zoo with the kids.


Soda Fountain Menu Items

Egg Cream – $3.10

Shakes – $3.50

Floats – $3.00

Malts – $3.75

Banana Split – $4.75

Hard-scooped Ice Cream or Sundaes – $2.00 – $3.75

Sodas / Phosphates – $1.5 – $2.00



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