Dear Pierce County– Spread Love, Not the Flu!

Have you heard the news? Flu season is here! It can be hard to remember something as seemingly minor amidst the upcoming holidays, pumpkin-flavored everything, work, zoom school/life, and oh yea..COVID-19. 


But, it’s actually BECAUSE of all those things (especially COVID-19) that getting a flu shot is even more important than ever. 


Not only is having the flu worse than being punched in the throat repeatedly, it’s life-threatening to our most vulnerable family members and community.


Think of a child with asthma.

A mother with cancer.

A grandmother with lung disease.

A father with diabetes.

A neighbor who cares for an elderly person.


Sometimes it helps to imagine our own family members and people we love and want to protect. 


In an effort to protect the community from the devastation a twindemic of COVID-19 and Influenza could cause, Pierce County is working hard to spread the message of getting a flu shot. 


The flu is serious, it’s dangerous and it’s viral. But, we truly believe acts of love (like getting a flu shot) will be the determining factor to keeping our loved ones safe and getting through the rest of this uncertain year together. 


The good news is, unlike with COVID-19, there is a vaccination for the flu that works. Your flu shot can protect you, can stop you from spreading the flu to those it can hospitalize AND can save our healthcare system from being overloaded this fall. 


Less sick time also means more family time. So, fix your crown, don your cape and smooth out that arm bandage. An arm bandage that you should wear as a badge of honor because now you’re a certified flu-killer! 


Now, let’s go back to spreading the good stuff. Love, ideas, peanut butter…you name it. As long as it’s not the freaking flu. 



Spread Love Crew 


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