Blue Mouse Theatre Celebrates 90th Birthday With New Website

blue-mouse-bday-adThe Blue Mouse Theatre, a community-supported movie house, celebrates its 90th birthday on November 13, 2013. Being the longest running movie house in the State of Washington, the theatre emulates the tenacity and perseverance of the community that surrounds it. Like many older businesses, the Blue Mouse Theatre has been upgraded internally and externally  since 1923, but it’s character has endured. The most notable upgrade has been the new website developed and donated by Marketing Puget Sound that combines both tradition and willingness to evolve.

The new website launched the week of the Blue Mouse Theatre’s 90th birthday and features a more modern look, while maintaining the historic integrity of the Blue Mouse Theatre. You may notice a slightly updated logo of the famous mouse. The website is easier to navigate, full of information, and showcased with updated photographs. In the future, people may be able to purchase tickets and gift cards online.

During 90 years of business, the Blue Mouse Theatre has captured the hearts of people from all walks of life. To continue to provide the Proctor district with entertainment in the future, a new digital projector must be installed since after 2013, 35mm films won’t be made. So the theatre had to either upgrade or close the doors. Knowing us Tacomans, we couldn’t allow the Blue Mouse Theatre to close, so upgrades to the projector, carpet, and seating were made.  This past year over 1,000 people raised $84,194 to purchase the upgrades and show support to a great cause.

Our community is lucky to have such a stunning historic theatre run by dedicated people, such as Blue Mouse Manager, Susan Evans. The Blue Mouse Theatre shareholders work hard to ensure the sustainability of this beautiful theatre.

Celebrate the Blue Mouse Theatre’s 90th birthday by watching a fun movie, paying for your friend’s $5 ticket to come with you, and snacking on fresh popcorn with the coveted Blue Mouse mug! See the Blue Mouse Theatre’s new website at for more information.

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