5 Things to do in Tacoma on Valentines Day

Tacoma does indeed have a romantic side—tucked into cute parts of downtown or located along the Waterfront, you will find great ideas for things to do in Tacoma for Valentine’s Day around every corner. No matter what your taste is, or whether you’re an advance planner or a last-minute scrambler, there are plenty of options for you and your special someone to enjoy.


Romantic Restaurants in TacomaStanely & Seaforts Resturant

While the idea of a romantic restaurant varies from couple to couple, there are some options where you just can’t go wrong. Top romantic restaurants in Tacoma include the intimate and delicious Indochine and Pacific Grill, both located on Pacific Avenue in downtown. El Gaucho and The Melting Pot are other popular downtown options, but Stanley and Seaforts, pictured to the right, is perched high above the city, is another excellent option. Any restaurant with a view lends itself well to romance, and there are many spots with beautiful water views in Tacoma.


Go to a Show

There are few better matches than dinner and a show. While not the cheapest option, pairing a performance at one of Tacoma’s theaters with a dinner downtown or on nearby 6th Avenue can be a sure way to win over a heart, or at least entertain your date for an evening.


Walking Tour Downtown

Another option to get you out and about is taking a walking tour of downtown Tacoma. This can be a fine way to complement other Valentine’s Day activities if you both enjoy being outdoors or viewing public artwork. Sneak a kiss at the Bridge of Glass while you enjoy views of Tacoma, the Puget Sound, and Mt Rainier (as long as it’s not too cloudy).


Take in a Movie

You can check out the romantic atmosphere at Tacoma’s two unique cinemas. Your first option is Blue Mouse Theater is located in the Proctor District in North Tacoma and usually has one movie per week at a pleasantly affordable rate. Your other option is the Grand Cinema, near the Theater District. The Grand typically has avant garde and independent films for brainier sweeties.


Tacoma WaterfrontKatie Downs Tacoma Waterfront

Yes, it’s a bit cold out in February, but all the more reason to take a stroll along the waterfront—you will likely be one of the only couples on this often-crowded walkway. If you get too chilly, duck into one of the restaurants located here. Choose from cheaper options like The RAM or Duke’s Chowder House or hit up one of the seafood restaurants. Options include The Lobster Shop, Katie Downs (as pictured to the right), C.I. Shenanigan’s, or Harbor Lights.


However, if none of these seem to fit into your schedule, budget or just simple to not sound like any fun, check out the events we have posted on your calendar. Make this Valentines Day, one to remember.


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