Whole Systems Thinking for Your Sustainable Business


Two Tacoma locals Arianna Thornton-West and Ashley Sloan, found a gap in how businesses approach their sustainability goals that align with their company values and mission. They also recognized that there is a lack of accessibility for businesses to safely and intentionally shift towards sustainable actions and practices. With passions for the environment and social issues, these two innovators created a platform that has already helped local businesses disrupt their old practices and help them transform into a business that acts sustainability, while still generating profit. They believe growing people with knowledge, conscious capacity and empathy is essential to growing resilient businesses and communities. 

Holistic Thinking 

Their method roots from holistic thinking, where Arianna and Ashley act as consultants by observing, researching, and analyzing, each of their clients from a holistic perspective. They do this by curating an assessment that includes six key principles that they look for in order to find the root of the problem to find the most adequate solution for that particular business. These key principles include in-depth discovery, advantageous perspective, holistically designed strategies, creation of collective, implementation and integration, and refinery. 


Their services include assessment snapshots, audits, monthly support, and other consulting meetings that aim to instill regenerative practices into business operations and leaders, while making sustainability and its benefits accessible to small and medium sized businesses. Many local businesses have been through their services, and they are excited to grow and expand over the next several years. Paradoxium’s goals are to help businesses reach their sustainability goals by providing services that will look each of their clients’ mission and vision as a whole to best possible solutions for the future of the company. Some of their environmental consulting actions, values, and goals when working with their clients include: anti-waste, interconnection, co-production, responsibility, relationship, and regeneration. 

From co-founders Arianna and Ashley: “We envision a world where being a strong steward of the environment, an investor in workforce and community, and a profitable business is no longer a paradox. Rather the ability to operate with people, planet and profit in mind is seen as resilient, smart business”. 

Check them out at and see what your business could benefit from to create a more sustainable future for the local businesses and environments of Tacoma.