Tacoma Home Decor: The Modern Cottage Company

Tucked away on a little corner in Old Town sits The Modern Cottage Company, described as an antique painted and unpainted furniture store, but it is so much more than that.

     If you are on the hunt for that unique piece of décor that will add character to your home, look no further. This quaint Tacoma home decor shop does sell beautifully repainted furniture, but also vintage accent pieces and gift items that you’ll feel the need to purchase pronto. Alison Bryan, the owner and designer of The Modern Cottage Company recently opened this shop after being a part of a cooperative store called Poppy and Company. Her passion for painting furniture and aesthetic eye make the store a must visit.


     From the moment you step inside the Modern Cottage you’re overwhelmed, but in the best way. Every corner of the space is perfectly designed. The area is divided into different sections, with each one having a color or theme, all with coordinating furniture and accessories. There are just so many beautiful pieces to take in. It makes you feel as if your pinterest board just came to life. We decided to visit the shop during a lunch break and quickly concluded that we could practically wanted to purchase everything we laid our eyes on.

     Furniture painting was always an interest of Alison Bryan’s, but she got her start by creating specialized orders from her home studio. As the Tacoma home decor business began to pick up, she made The Modern Cottage an official business in 2010. Her storefront has moved from a number of different locations, but this new space located at the bottom of 30th St. in Tacoma is her greatest venture. She describes it on her blog as “a delightful surprise built on 4 years of hard work. As a merchandiser, designer and painter to have total control of a space is just a dream.”

Although The Modern Cottage Company is a small shop, it packs a punch. Alison has created a place where you can find great statement pieces and support local artists at the same time. If you have the opportunity, Experience Taoma’s  The Modern Cottage on N 30th Street. We’re positive you’ll find at least one thing you’ll love, if not two or three.


Sources: http://themoderncottagecompany.blogspot.com/