Spring Edition: 14 Surprisingly Instagrammable Spots in Tacoma

Spring looks real good on you, Tacoma. So good in fact, we have to gram it. 


The magic of spring sparkles with revival and transformation. It’s a beautiful reminder that all the seeds we plant will eventually bloom. No matter how dark the night was when they were planted. Or how lonely the days became. With rain or tears, we still have the opportunity to grow. 

It seems like every blooming flower, every peek of the sun, every dance of rain drops on our car is telling our hearts to smile. Reminding us to celebrate life. To pause and breathe a little deeper. 

It’s like spring took all of winter’s white t’s and threw them in the washer machine…with a red sock. 

And b(l)oom. Now, we have color. Now we have depth and the richness of variety. 

Oh, the lessons we can learn from our seasonal teachers. 

With spring approaching we had to share some of the most beautiful spots in Tacoma that will instantly lift your spirits and your IG game at the same time!

From parks, to bookstores to murals there are some real gems for you to explore. Whether you’re staycation-ing or vacationing in Tacoma for spring break, here are some places that deserve all the hashtags and instalove. 



1. Stadium High School – 111 N E St

Ever seen the movie 10 Things I Hate About You? Well, this high school and historic landmark was where that iconic movie was filmed! Stadium is undoubtedly Instagram #goals *chefs kiss*.

2. King’s Books – 218 St Helens Ave

The hidden gem to rule all hidden gems is this antique bookstore. King’s is the largest used and independent bookstore in Tacoma, but it’s probably equally known for having a bookstore cat named Herbert. If you haven’t gone to King’s, go right meow. No regrets. 


3. Opera Alley – 709 Opera Alley

Need a little romance? A little adventure? How about both! Opera Alley’s colorful district features bars, specialty boutiques, salons, a cafe and so much more. Any shot of this beauty will make your IG sing. (<—please notice what we did there. Thanks a mill.)

4. Chihuly Bridge of Glass – Museum of Glass, Bridge of Glass

Methinks the picture speaks for its rep on its own. Chihuly’s seascape tunnel with colorful glass shells above makes it a hot spot for all things photography and sight-seeing. Even if you were the worst picture-taker to ever hold a camera, getting a blurred shot of this beauty would still make your IG aesthetic dreams come true.

5. Browns Point Lighthouse – 201 Tulalip St NE

Light the way! A scenic landmark that makes you feel like an explorer in the day and a victim of a horror movie at night. Either way, the lure of a lighthouse is too great to pass up. 


Tacoma has some of the most beautiful parks and that’s not biased, that’s straight facts. Probably. Check some of our favorites below! 


6. Wright Park – 501 S I St

An absolute vision in the spring, this park will make your IG feed pop in all the wright ways. Tie your shoes, flex your quads and enjoy the light stroll through one of Tacoma’s most beloved parks. 

7. W.W Seymour Botanical Conservatory – 316 S G St

We could easily spend hours here. Plant lover or not, this indoor garden feels like magic and tickles all your senses. There are hundreds of different types of plants, trees and flowers and a cute little gift shop to top it off. No filters are necessary for this slice of heaven.

8. Chinese Reconciliation Park – 1741 N Schuster Parkway

A special and unique park dedicated to honoring Chinese culture, history and people in Tacoma. Spring is truly when this park shines as it fills with cherry blossoms and access to Tacoma’s waterfront. 

9. Tacoma Narrows Bridge 

“Is that the Golden Gate bridge?” No. But with a little photoshop, your followers might not even tell the difference. Kidding. Fun fact: the Tacoma Narrows Bridge was nicknamed, “Galloping Gertie”. 

10. Ruston Way Waterfront – 4020 Ruston Way

A relatively new attraction in Tacoma compared to others on the list, Ruston Way has incredible views and is full of things to do. From restaurants and farmers’ markets to parks and rental bikes – there are endless grammable moments to capture here. 

11. Point Defiance Rose Garden & Japanese Pagoda – 5400 North Pearl St.

We wanted to save the best for last. No way Point Defiance wouldn’t make our list! Just being honest here, most pictures won’t do it justice. It’s truly something you have to see and take in. Hands down, the best place to visit— especially during the spring when the flowers are blooming. 

Mural, Mural on the Wall…

Any art lovers out there? Thanks to the collaboration of wonderfully talented local artists and the City of Tacoma the Tacoma Murals Project was born in 2016 bringing urban art and color back to our communities. There were so many murals to choose from, but we loved the spring vibes and impactful messages of the ones below. 


12. “I am Tacoma” by Gerardo Pena @perikotheartist – 6224 E McKinley Ave

“We are all monarch butterflies fluttering, coming together, all with different cultures and ancestries, but this ground is where we come together to honor our past and celebrate our present and our future as Tacoma under one sun and on this native land. As you become one with the butterfly, you become one with Tacoma. – Artist, Gerardo Pena

13. Umbrellas Mural – by Chris Sharp @chrissharp3000 -216 Puyallup Ave

We’re all thinking it aren’t we. Mary. Poppins. Ohh the superpowers of an umbrella—especially in Washington. There is endless opportunity for creativity with this playful mural in the Dome District. 

15. “Fabric” by Mindy Barker @mindybarkerdesigns – S. 14th & MLK Jr. Way

This abstract quilt mural makes for a scroll-stopping backdrop. “The mural shows color-filled fabric representing the LGBTQ community, different religions and ethnicities. It flows, twists, and turns into our future, transforming into flowers of the same colors. We are connected within this fabric, growing together.”

In conclusion, we stan Tacoma even harder. Thanks for being here! Did we miss some instagram-worthy spots? Send your suggestions here → https://experiencetacoma.com/connect/ 


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