Only Oatmeal gets ready to open in Point Ruston!

Anyone who’s ever baked anything in their life knows how important timing is. 

For Karina, the timing needed to bake an oatmeal cookie, no HER oatmeal cookie, to perfection is not synonymous to the timing of starting, running and growing her business. One requires control, and the other…is letting go of that control and putting it in the hands of God. 

And when your bakery makes only oatmeal cookies, hence the name, you’ve got a lot to prove! 


Karina says,

“There were many hard years so having faith was crucial. I’ve learned throughout this process that God’s timing is perfect. And the timing happens to be right, right now.”  


While Karina’s bakery serves only oatmeal cookies, she herself is not only an entrepreneur, but a :

  • Mother of 2
  • Wife
  • Philanthropist 
  • Designer
  • Baker???


No, the question marks are not a mistake. She may bake oatmeal cookies, but this is truly the only thing she ever bakes or intends to.

Karina swears, “I don’t even know how to bake! But, I can bake this cookie! That’s it.” 


From a very young age Karina knew she wanted to have her own business. And while the magic shows and popcorn sales of her youth didn’t PAN out, it shaped the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset she would emerge into as an adult. And boy did she FLOURish. 😉

Ten years, two severance packages, one sporadic tattoo and two kids later accompanied by many farmers markets, many failures, many prayers and divine intervention has brought Only Oatmeal all the way to this point. 

This point being, Point Ruston Way in Tacoma, WA! 

Karina gushes about her journey up to the point, “I told myself I’m not going to rush this. I’m going to keep going, keep believing and trust there is a plan and purpose for my business.” 


While Only Oatmeal began to grow organically throughout the years, so did the diversity of business owners in Tacoma Farmers Markets. 

“There were no Black-owned businesses when I started doing farmers markets years ago. When I first started it was literally just me. Tacoma has really grown in diversity and it shows in the businesses and business owners, which is really exciting!”


When asked if she had any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs she shared, 

“If you have a vision for something, stick to it and do not compromise. If someone told me in 2011 it would take almost 10 years to get a store I wouldn’t have started.


Only Oatmeal will be opening soon in Point Ruston where she will be baking oatmeal cookies (only), on site! Stay up on grand opening dates and all things oat-like on her Instagram @onlyoatcookie.


It’s all love, but it’s only oatmeal. 

Curious about Karina’s parting words? Well, she ended the same way she started – with a prayer. 

“Lord, please send me a baker.”  Seriously laughing oat loud. 

If you’re a fan of all things oat and small businesses check out Only Oatmeal for events, parties, or even if you’re just satisfying a cookie craving. 


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