Discover something new at Point Defiance Zoo

Tacoma’s Zoo & Aquarium

  • Resident Bald Eagle, Tahoma, takes the live-animal stage with his broken wing to represent the once endangered species that now thrives in Washington State due to conservation and animal rehabilitation efforts like these.
  • A new male Sumerian Tiger is awaiting exhibit. He is said to be a feisty one but will hopefully father future Point Defiance babies.
  • Construction may currently inhabit nearly half the park, but it’s all in preparation for the new and improved aquarium expected in 2018.
  • The front row of the zoo parking lot is reserved for carpool groups of three and more. Don’t forget to try your luck with nature’s karma on your side.
  • 2017 free zoo days continue for Tacoma residents and additional dates for Seniors and those with disabilities. (<click for schedule)
  • Mother’s Day special: half price for moms on Saturday, May 13! (same deal for Dad’s on June 18)
  • Other musts at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium: Find the wandering peacock in the park, ride a camel (or the Ferris wheel), visit the sculpture of Ivan the Gorilla (at the entrance steps) and explore the ever popular kids playground where you can also feed baby goats for a quarter.
  • Dozer the walrus is a musical talent, dipping his head down below the water and emerging with a loud but delightful whistle to the crowd (part of his breeding display).