CDA Auction on October 19th!

Good afternoon my fellow Tacomians,


The Cross Districts Association of Tacoma’s yearly auction will be held at the Rotunda on the University of Puget Sound campus, October 19th. With two months to go, we are thrilled about the donations that we are receiving! If you are a business owner reading this post, feel free to check out our website: to print out a procurement form and send a donation this way! Not only will all donations help benefit the CDA and the Tacoma Community as a whole, but it is great exposure for your company!


The Cross Districts Association of Tacoma (aka: CDA) is a non-profit organization that has been around for nearly 20 years working with the different districts to raise awareness of the local gems in the City of Tacoma. Recently the CDA name was rebranded with the title Experience Tacoma featuring a very useful website to promote the local districts and their unique businesses.


The Experience Tacoma website is fairly new but is a great resource for the entire Tacoma Community to keep people informed about the different aspects of community. Its features include information from local attractions, where to eat, and what services can be found in each district. If you are unsure about what to do during the weekend, Experience Tacoma will have events on the calendar. If you need to find a pet store, a nearby gym, or an autobody shop, all of this information is also secured on


We are very excited to have this website up and running and we hope you will enjoy it  as well! If there are any events that you know of, or want to inform the community about please feel free to contact Marketing Puget Sound at (253) 503-1227 to have that information included on the site!We hope you have a great week!