About Experience Tacoma

Experience Tacoma (CDA) unites and improves the district associations by:

  • sharing information and promotional opportunities
  • supporting leadership and organizational development
  • inviting further community influence and involvement
  • encouraging business prosperity through tourism

This non-profit business organization represents all City of Tacoma Neighborhood Business Districts through its efforts to promote, organize, advocate for, and develop the economy and community found in those districts.

The Experience Tacoma (CDA) general board is made up of appointed representatives from each of the recognized business districts, Tacoma Neighborhoods Together (TNT 501c3) and past CDA officers.

The Experience Tacoma (CDA) executive committee consists of the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, the TNT president, the immediate outgoing CDA president, and various sub-committee chairs. All of these dedicated individuals volunteer their time throughout the year to bring the business districts the best promotional and advocacy support they can provide.

Experience Tacoma (CDA)
PO Box 7709
Tacoma, WA  98417-7709


Kevin Grossman, Hilltop – President

Leah Knoll, Stadium – Vice President

Brenda Valentine, South Tacoma – Secretary

Cary Nilson – Treasurer

Harold Macmillin – Past President

John Trueman – Tacoma Neighborhoods Together Liaison

Shari Hart – COT/CED Liaison

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