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Tacoma Neighborhoods Together

Tacoma Neighborhoods Together:
Support Through Arts and Revitalization

Tacoma Neighborhoods Together is the non-profit, 501(c)3 organization of the Cross District Association.

It was formed to support the enhancement and beautification of Tacoma’s core neighborhood centers, its neighborhood business districts. It emphasizes that the people who live and work in the neighborhoods are the ones who can best identify ways that can help to make Tacoma a more livable community. From these collective voices the direction for Tacoma Neighborhoods Together is set.

Our principal goal is to use art as a means to enhance community and revitalize our neighborhood core areas. Using art in public spaces, or holding a special art related festival, can help create identity and pride. It can help to bring people together to appreciate our differences and celebrate our common experiences. A strong arts presence in the neighborhoods can contribute to its economic infrastructure by creating unique places that attract visitors while strengthening the neighborhoods as good places to live and work.

Donations to Tacoma Neighborhoods Together are tax deductible and are used to support art and beautification efforts in the City’s neighborhood core areas. If you would like more information about Tacoma Neighborhoods Together please send a written inquiry to: Tacoma Neighborhoods Together, PO Box 943, Tacoma, WA 98402. Donations can be submitted to this address as well.

Download Process PDFs

If you represent a business district or are interested in having a district sponsor a special event or activity, this is where you should start:

-Board of Directors-
TNT 501c3 Organization

Bill LaVergne – President
American Cancer Society
(253) 272-5767

Brent Wojtanowicz  – Board Member
Edward Jones
(253) 761-2523

Karen Trueman – Treasurer
(253) 272-2720

John Trueman – Vice President
Trueman Appraisal
(253) 272-2720

Erling Kuester – Director
Blue Mouse Theater
(253) 606-8789


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