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Everyday is a special occasion in Tacoma, whether it’s a weekly trivia night, a seasonal festival or a major performance at one of our many entertainment venues. Keep up with all the action in your neighborhood and others like it, available on our calendar. Browse family friendly, free, tasty, charitable and entertaining events. To suggest an occasion you don’t see listed, just click +EVENT.

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Invest in your community and your business endeavors by teaming up with Experience Tacoma! This website is a non-profit entity now seeking sponsors! Contact us for professional marketing and advertising opportunities, from business reviews and write-ups to website banners and social media support. All proceeds go toward continuing the site and engaging the community.

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What’s your favorite Tacoma Business District? Explore them all! Experience Tacoma is an extension of Tacoma Business Districts and representative of the Cross District Association that unites them. This non-profit organization aims to promote, organize, advocate for, and develop the economy and community found in all Tacoma districts. Other works include:

  • sharing information and promotional opportunities
  • supporting leadership and organizational development
  • inviting further community influence and involvement
  • encouraging business prosperity through tourism

If you are a business owner and would like to get involved with your neighborhood business district, please contact a board member:

Kevin Grossman, Hilltop

Vice President
Leah Knoll, Stadium

Brenda Valentine, South Tacoma

Cary Nilson

Past President
Harold Macmillin

Tacoma Neighborhoods Together Liaison
John Trueman

City of Tacoma Liaison
Shari Hart

Experience Tacoma Marketing Chair
Bobbie Bailey

Experience Tacoma online editor
Kayla Schroader

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